Actor earn 60 liras in half hour in guise of beggar

A stage actor made 60 Turkish Liras ($7.8) in only 1/2 of an hour whilst taking a walk withinside the essential avenue of the southern province of Adana disguised as a beggar for a social test on Nov. 21.

“In our social test we confirmed how the beggars pile at the agony,” stated Hüseyin Şen, a 65-year-vintage actor.

For the project, Şen commuted to the town center, wore a few vintage and grubby garments and began out begging whilst appearing as aleven though bodily impaired.

People gave cash to Şen and in a quick time, he gave the cash again to them, whilst caution locals in opposition to beggars.

“This is a superb lesson. I will in no way provide cash to a beggar again,” one neighborhood stated upon gaining knowledge of Şen became most effective pretending.

“We, Turks, are touchy people. When we listen a person ask for help, we need to help. That’s why I gave the cash,” stated Bülent Pala, a 53-year-vintage neighborhood.
“Me and my husband are disabled. Thinking that the beggar became like me, I gave the cash,” a bodily impaired lady

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