Egyptian starts potentially lifesaving medical e-ID system

When saint Saad was Janus-faced with AN older patient on his hospital ward, protesting of imprecise abdominal pain however with no medical record there to guide a operating diagnosis, the freshly graduated Egyptian doctor realised simply however alarming it are often for patients and medical suppliers once details are scarce throughout an emergency.

The incident actuated Saad to go looking for an imaginative thanks to get health records into the hands of medical professionals quickly during an emergency — notably in cases wherever a patient is unconscious, during a poor psychological state or is unaccompanied.

“Health records are either electronic or paper-based. Both are sometimes unbroken at the hospital ANd aren’t typically obtainable with the patient whenever he or she presents completely different} medical supplier just in case of an emergency,” Saad said.

The movableness of medical records could be a downside that extends on the far side Egypt and also the geographic region and North Africa (MENA) region. Even in developed countries — as well as the US, wherever electronic medical recording is way a lot of wide adopted — the exchange of patients’ medical records between different care systems is a complicated and inefficient process.

In Gregorian calendar month 2019, Saad and his 5 business partners joined Egyptian accelerator program Falak Startups and launched Bypa-ss. the corporate offers a unified medical ID card connected to an internet platform wherever medical records are saved and might be accessed by medical providers.

Prior to the launch, Saad and his team given the thought at many medical conferences. the thought garnered a positive reception. “The initial market response was terribly encouraging,” Saad said.

The HealthTag, because the product is called, could be a physical card connected to the company’s online platform.

“We’re trying forward to adding a lot of options by partnering with different digital medical services/platforms, love appointment booking platforms, drug delivery services and telemedicine platforms,” Saad said.

The company is already in talks with telemedicine suppliers to supply such services to its HealthTag cardholders.

Saad and his team are moving their network on the far side Cairo and Alexandria.

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