Hamas and Erdoganexpressed condolences over the Suleimani assassination

Hamas’s paramilitary wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam brigade, expressed its condolences to Iran over the elimination by the Americans of theGeneral KassemSuleimani.

“He fought to make efforts to the decline of Zionist education and its expulsion from Palestinian land,” the terrorist group said.

the general took measures to provide all possible support to the resistance against the Zionists.

“We are confident that Suleimani’s blood will become a curse for the killers and the Zionist occupation,” the terrorists added.

Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan commented on the events surrounding the Suleimani assassination, noting that it would be wrong to leave the assassination of the Iranian General KassemSuleimani by the United States unanswered.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during a Saturday telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart RecepTayyip Erdogan announced the need to rally against the United States after the death of General KassemSuleimani.

“If we do not oppose the United States together, this will endanger the entire region,” Rouhani said, adding that Ankara and Tehran “have always cooperated on difficult issues.”

“If we remain silent about the actions of the aggressor, this will make him bolder,” said the Iranian president.

Erdogan expressed his condolences on the death of Suleimani and added that he understands the “anger of the Iranian people.”

Human-Inspirational Introvert, Photographer, Graphic Artist, Writer, Poet, Musician

Human-Inspirational Introvert, Photographer, Graphic Artist, Writer, Poet, Musician