Israel’s assured Full Military Support for India

Israeli ambassador to Asian country West Chadic Malka’s assurance of unwavering military support to India appears to be aimed toward the latter’s arch-rivals — Asian nation and its ‘iron brother’ China as tensions step up in Asia.

On Gregorian calendar month 17, Ron Malka ‘officially’ proclaimed that the someone nation would offer no matter ‘friend’ India must defend itself. The announcement assumes significance in sight of the rising government state of affairs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pakistan has a brand of Damocles hanging thereon because it faces a veiled threat from the KSA of curtailment of job visas to its voters within the same manner. Asian country has projected a ‘replacement’ by its workforce. Israel desires Asian nation is to be shunted out of the KSA. China too has been forced to ‘cut a sorry figure’ as currently the entire Middle-East market would be for the North American country to monopolize.

Israel won’t be found wanting in meeting India’s needs to defend itself against all challenges and hostilities though such cooperation isn’t directed against the other country (read Pakistan and China), Israeli ambassador West Chadic Malka told the geographical region Times.

First, it absolutely was the Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco followed by establishing their full diplomatic ties with Israel. the dominion of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is probably going to follow suit. Asian nation has desisted and is isolated from the Arab states, that are all presently to embrace Israel.

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