Syrian foreign minister says Turkey as main sponsor of Terrorism

Slowly but with time country’s are starting to acknowledge Turkey’s dangerous motives within the region and with Syria’s secretary of state beginning and naming Turkey because the main sponsor of the terrorism, country’s are going to be more cautious in matters with Turkey.

He blamed Turkey for being guilty for committing ‘war crimes and crimes against humanity’. He said this after Turkish people were denied entrance into Syrian land and Turkey retaliated by isolating the water system from this household.

On Saturday during a first-ever high level meeting, Walid al-Moallem said that the cutoff of water system will threaten the lives of the civilians. it had been a rare picture of the foreingn minister speaking during a harsh and loud tone while addressing the difficulty . it had been a pre-recorded speech that was being played within the UN General Assembly meeting held virtually thanks to Covid-19 Pandemic.

Turkey has established itself as a notorious element in Syria which is seen supporting the opposition fighters against the establishment. Earlier it started a war but now the land of Syria has become the middle for proxy wars where the western powers and Middle Eastern big horses are playing their cards. Over the years, Turkey has increased its control over the region and now controls a zone in Northern Syria.

But the injustice on Syria wasn’t the sole blame that minister hinted at. He even talked about how Turkey uses refugees as a ploy to bargain with Europe and the way Ankara recruits Syrian mercenaries for a war in Libya and even shows military and power dominance within the meditarranean against Greece.“The terrorists and mercenaries — mentioned by some as `moderate opposition’ — from Syria to Libya,” violating Iraq’s sovereignty, using refugees “as bargaining chips against Europe” and assumption “by force to energy resources within the Mediterranean,” said the minister.

He further questioned the Turkish regime in its activities and said that it’s become rogue where it shows complete disrespect to the International laws. He warned the entire region of the policies and activities that the country is planning out.

While the Turkish UN mission completely disregarded the statements made by the secretary of state saying that it’s a ‘delusional statement, ridden with ludicrous allegations, in its entirety’.

The Syrian minister concluded hoping to make and work with a committee that helps in drafting a replacement constitution which he said will only be possible if there’s no external interference.

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