Yes, I will agree with the title and it has told everything about the article completely. I personally started to watch Netflix before 2 year and at that time few series were recommended by my friends and I used to watch them. Later, I started to pick what I want, considering from reviews, common people’s views and mainly IMDb rating. I have a opinion that, Netflix were keen on content during that time than now. More than quality it is concentrating on quantity now-a-days. As the subscribers have increased, it started to cook shows for targeted audience than what have to produced clearly. For example, understanding the huge Indian market, Netflix started to produce regional series,dramas with our own(Since,I’m an Indian!) Indian actors which takes the Netflix to wider reach in India. This applies to every region which Netflix considers it as their market. Coming to quantity again , too much of everything had become nothing here. When I began to watch Netflix, I was picking series to watch by selecting them in a few minutes, while now it consumes half-of-my-time in which I would have selected and start watching for a few minutes in old times. It would be better if Netflix starts to think about quality again. And there is a way still, we have to be very selective in choosing because, we pay and we must be choosy. If people start to being ‘choosy’, the Netflix Overlords have to re-think before they produce the next.

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